A few posts back I mentioned that I don’t go in for sentimentality. We’re all different, the whole life affirming thing is deeply personal. What I find uplifting or distressing might be very different to your view. That said I guess it’s worth sharing some of my likes and dislikes, performing a certain amount of […]

I mentioned in my previous post that parts of my life have been turned upside down. Swapped round might be more accurate. My day job involves a broad spread of creative work, graphics, conceptual thinking, layout, film, web, photography, art direction. I’m lucky to have a good mix. More recently I’ve ventured further into the […]

On crikey. So, it’s been a while. I’d hoped to be posting more often, I started well, got into a good habit then things took a bit of a swerve. I’ve wanted to come back on for a while now but the timing hasn’t been right. A good few parts of my life have been […]

I bet most fiction writers have an idea or two for stories around the end of civilisation as we know it. Here’s a wee snippet from one of mine. Sarah awoke at the sound of the crows, tardy harbingers of a doom already visited. She roused herself quickly, stalking carefully and silently round her open […]

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For an Easy-to-Read VersionUse the PDF link in the Blog Post A helpful blog entry from Brevity’s managing editor Sarah Einstein. Sarah will be talking about rejection, acceptance, and writing as part of the panel “Getting Short-Form Nonfiction to Readers: A Publication Panel” on the Friday morning of AWP…

My working life has a safety aspect that talks about habit forming. It only takes a few repetitions to form a habit, but it can take much longer to reverse a bad one. I’ve been doing some background reading on good English, grammar and rhetoric, and one book, a spectacular piece by N.M.Gwynne called Gwynne’s […]

I have in mind to keep this blog quite freeform. Using these posts as writing practice and allowing any direction I feel inclined to take. That said I want to try and maintain a bias towards my preferred subjects so hopefully departures will still be with a view to enhancing my work in this area. […]