Monthly Archives: November 2013

heard it all before

There are no new ideas under the sun. Or only seven original ideas. Or something. I can’t say I’m that bothered. As a person who looks to be entertained and enjoys the distraction and escapism of reading or watching a movie I try to remain as open and forgetful as possible. In the design side […]

forget yourself to get better

Knowing what you mean can be a big barrier. How much should you describe your characters and scenarios, how much can you leave to the imagination? I can picture so many of the people and landscapes of my stories but having those worlds ever present in my mind also makes it hard to place the […]

everybody wants a piece

  On the principle that any writing is good practice I’ve started commentary through work channels as well, forcing myself to put thoughts out about various aspects of work that I deal in. It’s slow going, but it’s a good habit to get into. If nothing else it should develop my typing skills a little. […]

pigeon holing

Something that worries me a little is this idea that I might be pigeon holed into a particular genre. A luxurious conceit I know since I’m unpublished just now but I don’t like the possibility that I might have to restrict myself to one direction. I guess that’s another reason to have a pseudonym, you […]

despair in horror

Despair seems to be a strong feature of horror these days, it’s certainly a key aspect of fear, although I struggle with it personally. So many horror writers seem to head in that direction, particularly with short stories – although admittedly I don’t read too widely on these. I think I must be too optimistic […]

names in fiction

I’m reading an excellent book by a relatively new author. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I’m about a third of the way in. The scene setting is wonderful, the world is really nicely constructed, the characters are building very well. It has all the makings of an excellent read. It’s just two […]

frequency and repetition

I should probably state early on that I’m something of a luddite. Only something though. Mostly I’m just not in the habit of constantly posting, checking, commenting and liking which seems to characterise the lives of so many these days. For me part of trying to be a writer is that I spend time pondering, […]