the plan

So, I said I was trying to adopt a more structured approach. Here’s some of the stuff I think I need to do:

1. Put my affairs in order

I have more than thirty stories at various stages of completion, I’m going to get them categorised and set out so I can keep track of them better, and reduce the distraction that comes from hopping between them.

2. Start finishing

I like that contradiction. I really need to get more of them tied off. Take a hard look at them and decide if they have enough potential to be taken further, if they constitute a full blown book or a short story, and if I have the motivation to complete them. I’m not bowled over by everything I write by any means…

3. Set the stall out

Well you’re at my stall just now so I guess it’s begun, but these posts so far feel like preamble, I’m going to have to start putting some solid content up soon. I need to get some processes in place feed my work through certain stages and then take that frightening next step and put my work in front of my peers.

4. Find some peers

I just don’t know yet where I’m going to send my work. * Disclaimer, I’ve had one rejection but it was some time ago so apart from retreating into my shell for a while I’m undeterred. I don’t know who to send my stories to at the moment. I subscribe to Interzone and Black Static, but I need to find others and then set up a system for submitting round them.

5. Be realistic

I’ve reset my sights a little, my job asks a heavy price, in time and creativity, it doesn’t leave me short of ideas, but it does take it’s toll of energy. So I’m going to concentrate more on short stories so I can have the satisfaction of completing things more often and hopefully set up a steady stream of submissions to various publications.

So, it’s a plan of sorts, any other suggestions/feedback would be most welcome.


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