what an optimistic title!

I’m not really such a pessimist, but I am taking the next step in my writing, which is to start doing something more structured. I write for my own pleasure and enjoyment, I write to free my head of all the thoughts and ideas that block it up.

Like many people I suspect I’m entertaining the fantasy of being a full time writer, but I’ve always treated it as exactly that. It’s something quite secret and personal that I do for fun.

It’s a very real concern I have that by putting my work out there I’ll find out that I’m just not that good, and I worry that something like that might put me off writing.

Okay it’s unlikely to turn me away from it completely, but I don’t want those thoughts hanging around the back of my mind, dampening my enthusiasm.

Anyhoo, it’s too late for that now, I’m out. Stay tuned to see how much of myself I hold up for dissection…



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