what’s in a name?

Or what’s in mine to be more precise. Well, since I’m looking at pushing my writing out there I thought I should have a name, one that isn’t quite my own. Not as some kind of avoidance tactic, or shy embarrassment although I do feel it’s quite a useful thing to hide behind. There are practicalities to consider as well.

I’ve seen a lot of very varied advice about how to ‘make it’ as a writer, one of the more curious morsels was around keeping your name to the forefront of alphabetical listings. There is some sense in this I guess, although I found myself quite dismayed by it as well.

The idea that a writer might be relegated simply because of their name and subsequent position on the bookshelf left me stunned. Are we really leaving so much joy behind – the joy of browsing? The joy of discovery? The joy of reading and experiencing a new author? Are we no longer bothering to look round bookshops, opting instead for just plucking the next title from the front of the shelf?

I can’t believe that, so my alternative name carries more than a little sarcasm, but it’s practical too, my real name is often spelled wrong so there is some risk in using it. Finally there is one other reference which I’ll leave for another time.


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