forget yourself to get better

Knowing what you mean can be a big barrier. How much should you describe your characters and scenarios, how much can you leave to the imagination? I can picture so many of the people and landscapes of my stories but having those worlds ever present in my mind also makes it hard to place the right level of description in my writing.

I have to walk away.

Leaving my work for a time, working on other things, in short, forgetting what I’ve done, helps me spot the things I may have missed on my first pass. Things I perhaps took for granted without feeling the need to describe them or visualise them for the reader. A fresh pair of eyes can do this but I like to have a well finished piece before I let other eyes look over my efforts.

Not that many eyes have actually seen my output yet. Ho hum.



  1. Totally love this piece. Thanks for sharing. ‚̧

  2. Thanks Charlotte. Glad I could enhance your world.

    Commenters beware – I’m still feeling round the functionality of this blog. Only just noticed the comment pending approval…

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