heard it all before

There are no new ideas under the sun. Or only seven original ideas. Or something. I can’t say I’m that bothered. As a person who looks to be entertained and enjoys the distraction and escapism of reading or watching a movie I try to remain as open and forgetful as possible.

In the design side of my world I see a huge amount of repetition but it is no bad thing – as long as the original is improved the end result is still good. Unless the piece in question is a blatant duplication or a very tired cliche, with nothing new added, then I’m happy.

Even a new treatment of an old story can be excellent. I’m a bit dismayed by the lists of ‘plot cliches that have been done already’. For me there’s a long enough set of options there that might still produce something interesting if mixed differently. Besides that I haven’t seen everything under the sun so your cliche could easily be something I’ve yet to experience.


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