the plan continues

Part one of my plan was to categorise all my works in progress. I’m pleased to report this is done already! I’ve split my works into three main groups: ideas, in progress, and finished. There isn’t much in the finished section yet (!) but I’ve been brutal about which stories are really just at the idea stage and which I’d like to pursue towards completion.

I’ve made up a formatting document since I write everything in notepad at the moment. Mainly because it was the only software I had at the time and I was writing to see whether I would lose interest. Having decided to take this further, I know have the Office suite. Reformatting my work is a bit of a chore but I do it as part of the finishing process so it’s isn’t too arduous. I will be creating new works directly in Word though.

Starting to blog has been a useful addition to my process but I’m also becoming aware of the importance of actually writing, as opposed to just writing about writing. I’d like to put some actual writing up here for comment – although I guess that’s something of a sacrifice since it reduces the chances of that piece getting published.

I might perhaps polish up some extracts of my longer works, teaser chapters or something like. We’ll see.

Anyway, thanks WordPress for getting me moving along. I’ve done more with my work in the last few months than I have in years. Just the knowledge that this blog is here now, waiting for me to feed it and update it, that knowledge nags at me, urges me to keep writing.

It’s good.


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