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The Form Rejection Letter Decoder Thingy

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:
For an Easy-to-Read VersionUse the PDF link in the Blog Post A helpful blog entry from Brevity’s managing editor Sarah Einstein. Sarah will be talking about rejection, acceptance, and writing as part of the panel “Getting Short-Form Nonfiction to Readers: A Publication Panel” on the Friday morning of AWP…

I’m 14 times more stupid than I thought

My working life has a safety aspect that talks about habit forming. It only takes a few repetitions to form a habit, but it can take much longer to reverse a bad one. I’ve been doing some background reading on good English, grammar and rhetoric, and one book, a spectacular piece by N.M.Gwynne called Gwynne’s […]


I have in mind to keep this blog quite freeform. Using these posts as writing practice and allowing any direction I feel inclined to take. That said I want to try and maintain a bias towards my preferred subjects so hopefully departures will still be with a view to enhancing my work in this area. […]

Names in fiction 2

Back in November I posted about an odd use of naming in an otherwise excellent book. There’s nothing to add on the odd name part, it came and went early on in the book and no other anomalies cropped up. I do feel duty bound to tell you that the rest of the book (The […]