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I mentioned in my previous post that parts of my life have been turned upside down. Swapped round might be more accurate. My day job involves a broad spread of creative work, graphics, conceptual thinking, layout, film, web, photography, art direction. I’m lucky to have a good mix. More recently I’ve ventured further into the writing and editing arena. It took me a while to notice the side effects.

I’ve always felt like I have a quota of creativity – it replenishes itself but it is finite over a certain time period. When I’m overly busy, it’s hard to come up with great ideas, positive pressure is okay, but too much is stultifying. Likewise if I’m trying hard to be creative – and if I’m honest creativity is only part muscle, you can flex it a little but it’s not like concentrating or putting in physical effort – it doesn’t leave much room to continue being creative out of hours. Also part of my creativity is built around tasks and problem solving, so if I have a lot of briefs on the go all available processing power is applied to them, with little to spare.

Variety has also become a factor though, and this is the part I’ve only just realised. I recently started doing artwork at home, something I’ve not done for twenty odd years. It’s been fun, slow and laborious but satisfying too. But here’s the thing – I’m writing more at work. So when I’m doing something visual at work I swap to writing at home, and visa versa.



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