about me

Hello, you’ve shown a little interest beyond trawling my posts. I’d better reward you with something astonishing.

I’m an introvert, overly cynical and sarcastic, hiding everything behind lowbrow humour.

Too hard? Fair play, but I am quite into mental self flagellation.

Too pompous? Yeah, I’ll take that too.

Okay, I live and work in Scotland, quite far to the north. I work in a position nobody has yet described properly, somewhere between creative director, marketing lead, and brand management, all of those kind of things and frequently none of them, I enjoy my job, and it sucks. It’s an emotional roller coaster, the artist side of me invests so much into everything I do that getting negative feedback can be hard, but positive feedback puts me into the stratosphere.

Nearly twenty years I’ve been doing this, you’d think I’d have thicker skin. Well I do I suppose, but, and I’m sure other artists would agree, having a thick skin reduces the kind of sensitivity you need to generate new thoughts, it’s too great a barrier to creativity, you need thin skin in order to remain perceptive and receptive. So there’s a tradeoff, and I get by.

The writing is different though. I’ve been a designer long enough that I can develop passable solutions regardless of budget or time. I don’t often find myself short of ideas, but I’m used to showing my work in a design context. My heart is often pinned to my sleeve but it’s used to being there. Writing puts my soul up there with it, and I’m not sure I’m ready for the feedback.

Be gentle.

Oh, and a word on frequency – my posts will likely be sporadic, I hope that doesn’t put you off too much, right now this is a new habit for me, it remains to be seen whether I can feed it…


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