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I’m an introvert

A few posts back I mentioned that I don’t go in for sentimentality. We’re all different, the whole life affirming thing is deeply personal. What I find uplifting or distressing might be very different to your view. That said I guess it’s worth sharing some of my likes and dislikes, performing a certain amount of […]

About face

I mentioned in my previous post that parts of my life have been turned upside down. Swapped round might be more accurate. My day job involves a broad spread of creative work, graphics, conceptual thinking, layout, film, web, photography, art direction. I’m lucky to have a good mix. More recently I’ve ventured further into the […]

the lost year(s)

On crikey. So, it’s been a while. I’d hoped to be posting more often, I started well, got into a good habit then things took a bit of a swerve. I’ve wanted to come back on for a while now but the timing hasn’t been right. A good few parts of my life have been […]

I’m 14 times more stupid than I thought

My working life has a safety aspect that talks about habit forming. It only takes a few repetitions to form a habit, but it can take much longer to reverse a bad one. I’ve been doing some background reading on good English, grammar and rhetoric, and one book, a spectacular piece by N.M.Gwynne called Gwynne’s […]


I have in mind to keep this blog quite freeform. Using these posts as writing practice and allowing any direction I feel inclined to take. That said I want to try and maintain a bias towards my preferred subjects so hopefully departures will still be with a view to enhancing my work in this area. […]


I’m not the type to make new year resolutions. My main aim is always to look for satisfaction, in life, in general and through specific actions as necessary. There are some things I know I need to do, get fitter, exercise my brain more, finish more of my writing pieces. But I’m happily working towards […]

post retail therapy

“Can we do a ten pound Christmas this year?” The missus asks me. I’ll be honest, I take a resolutely male approach to these things, and as such I’m so delighted and relieved at finding gifts that other family members will genuinely like I’m prepared to pay almost any price within reason to achieve closure. […]