Back in November I posted about an odd use of naming in an otherwise excellent book. There’s nothing to add on the odd name part, it came and went early on in the book and no other anomalies cropped up. I do feel duty bound to tell you that the rest of the book (The […]

I’m not the type to make new year resolutions. My main aim is always to look for satisfaction, in life, in general and through specific actions as necessary. There are some things I know I need to do, get fitter, exercise my brain more, finish more of my writing pieces. But I’m happily working towards […]

I’ve mentioned in other posts that my system involves writing pieces and leaving them to stew, returning to polish them later, however, I don’t want to talk about writing and not deliver. Below, for your amusement is a short vignette, if that’s the right word. It forms part of a world I’m building and exploring. […]

“Can we do a ten pound Christmas this year?” The missus asks me. I’ll be honest, I take a resolutely male approach to these things, and as such I’m so delighted and relieved at finding gifts that other family members will genuinely like I’m prepared to pay almost any price within reason to achieve closure. […]

Doesn’t really exist for me. I do a little writing at work, mostly editing, but I generate the content for my own concepts as well, some pieces need a lot of rework, and occasionally I create something completely new. The main difference though is that I strip everything back, shorten, tighten and simplify. My language […]

Part one of my plan was to categorise all my works in progress. I’m pleased to report this is done already! I’ve split my works into three main groups: ideas, in progress, and finished. There isn’t much in the finished section yet (!) but I’ve been brutal about which stories are really just at the […]

There are no new ideas under the sun. Or only seven original ideas. Or something. I can’t say I’m that bothered. As a person who looks to be entertained and enjoys the distraction and escapism of reading or watching a movie I try to remain as open and forgetful as possible. In the design side […]