work life balance

Doesn’t really exist for me. I do a little writing at work, mostly editing, but I generate the content for my own concepts as well, some pieces need a lot of rework, and occasionally I create something completely new. The main difference though is that I strip everything back, shorten, tighten and simplify. My language is supposed to be engaging, direct and conversational.

Quite different to my fictional writing. The main problem is just that I have so much to do at work. I enjoy it, mostly, but I have very little time away from it. I don’t get to leave work behind after 6 or on the weekends, it follows me home, keeps me awake at night.

I cultivated the habit some time back of leaving notepads and pencils everywhere, when I have a new idea it circulates in my head, getting in the way of other thoughts and generally making a nuisance of itself. Noting it down gets it out of my head, pins it to the page and I can move on.

A few times a year things go a little quieter and I can let off the gas at work long enough to put some greater thought and effort into my fictional writing. Perhaps that balance will change, one day.


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